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NVIDIA Introduces Grace CPU Superchip

144 High-Performance Cores and 1 Terabyte/Second Memory; Doubles Performance and Energy-Efficiency of Server Chips NVIDIA announced its first Arm® Neoverse™-based discrete data center CPU designed for AI infrastructure and high performance computing, providing the highest performance and twice the memory bandwidth and energy-efficiency compared to today’s leading server chips. The NVIDIA Grace™ CPU Superchip comprisesContinue reading “NVIDIA Introduces Grace CPU Superchip”

Making RockPro64 a NetBSD Server

The time has come to upgrade my SunBlade 2500s to something more power friendly and faster. I’d already removed one CPU and thus half the ram from two of these systems to reduce their power consumption, but it’s still much higher than it could be. After much searching, I’ve decided on Pine64’s RockPro64 4GiB ramContinue reading “Making RockPro64 a NetBSD Server”

A Chip To Bridge The Usb 2 – Usb 3 Divide

On Twitter, [whitequark] has found and highlighted an intriguing design – a breakout board for the VL670, accompanied by an extensive yet very easy to digest write-up about its usefulness and inner workings. The VL670 is a chip that addresses a surprising problem – converting USB 2.0 signals into USB 3.0. If you have aContinue reading “A Chip To Bridge The Usb 2 – Usb 3 Divide”

MicroShift from RedHat

MicroShift is an explorative project created by the Edge Computing team in Red Hat’s Office of the CTO. MicroShift’s goal is to tailor OpenShift for field-deployed device use cases, providing a consistent development and management experience across all footprints. The idea is for MicroShift to be an application that users can optionally deploy onto theirContinue reading “MicroShift from RedHat”