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OneWeb to resume satellite launches through agreement with SpaceX

Agreement will enable OneWeb to resume its launch programme and complete satellite constellation for industry-grade secure connectivity around the world. OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, announced today that the company and SpaceX entered into an agreement that will enable OneWeb to resume satellite launches. The first launch with SpaceX is anticipatedContinue reading “OneWeb to resume satellite launches through agreement with SpaceX”

Home Depot Finds DIY Success with Vector Search

Like all big companies, Home Depot has a list of IT projects that it wants to tackle. When the COVID pandemic hit two years ago and ecommerce activity surged, it accelerated one of them in particular: the development of vector search algorithms to augment basic keyword search on its website and mobile app. Since goingContinue reading “Home Depot Finds DIY Success with Vector Search”

New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4

With over 70 additions to WebKit, Safari 15.4 is packed with new web technologies, updates, and fixes. We’ve assembled a huge release as part of our commitment to web developers, and the people who use the web. This is the first big WebKit release of 2022, and we’re just getting started. Safari 15.4 is availableContinue reading “New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4”

MarkdownSite: Create a website from a git repo in one click

MarkdownSite is a platform for hosting websites. People who want their websites hosted enter a git url for their repository. MarkdownSite downloads their repo and turns anything in public/ into a static website hosted at a random subdomain. Anything MarkdownSite finds in site/ that is an .md file will be rendered as HTML. Once MarkdownSiteContinue reading “MarkdownSite: Create a website from a git repo in one click”

Incident Report: Spotify Outage on March 8

The Spotify backend consists of multiple microservices that communicate with each other. For microservices to be able to find each other, we utilize multiple service discovery technologies. Most of our services are using a DNS based service discovery system; however, some of our services use an xDS based traffic control plane and discovery system calledContinue reading “Incident Report: Spotify Outage on March 8”

Why offer an Onion Address rather than just encourage browsing-over-Tor?

The first benefits are authenticity and availability: if you are running Tor Browser and if you click/type in exactly the proper Onion address, you are guaranteed to be connected to what you expect — or not at all. This is very simple for people to grasp, understand, and describe to their friends. Using onion servicesContinue reading “Why offer an Onion Address rather than just encourage browsing-over-Tor?”

The new silent majority: People who don’t tweet

Most people you meet in everyday life — at work, in the neighborhood — are decent and normal. Even nice. But hit Twitter or watch the news, and you’d think we were all nuts and nasty. Why it matters: The rising power and prominence of the nation’s loudest, meanest voices obscures what most of usContinue reading “The new silent majority: People who don’t tweet”