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That famous Pixar lunch of 1994

Four of Pixar’s leading directors- John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, and Joe Ranft (who unfortunately died in a car accident in 2005) had a lunch meeting one day in 1994, when the production of their first movie Toy Story was almost finished. Four of Pixar’s movies were born from that one meeting. Read more…


The WebSocket Handbook: learn about the technology behind the realtime web

Introducing the WebSocket Handbook

The WebSocket Handbook consists of four chapters:

Chapter 1: The Road to WebSockets – looks at how web technologies evolved since the inception of the World Wide Web, culminating with the emergence of WebSockets, a vastly superior improvement on HTTP for building realtime web apps.

Chapter 2: The WebSocket Protocol – covers key considerations related to the WebSocket protocol. You’ll find out how to establish a WebSocket connection and exchange messages, what kind of data can be sent over WebSockets, what types of extensions and subprotocols you can use to augment WebSocket

Chapter 3: The WebSocket API – provides details about the constituent components of the WebSocket API — its events, methods, and properties, alongside usage examples for each of them.

Chapter 4: Building a Web App with WebSockets – provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on building a realtime web app with WebSockets and Node.js – an interactive cursor position-sharing demo.

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