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The WebSocket Handbook: learn about the technology behind the realtime web

Introducing the WebSocket Handbook

The WebSocket Handbook consists of four chapters:

Chapter 1: The Road to WebSockets – looks at how web technologies evolved since the inception of the World Wide Web, culminating with the emergence of WebSockets, a vastly superior improvement on HTTP for building realtime web apps.

Chapter 2: The WebSocket Protocol – covers key considerations related to the WebSocket protocol. You’ll find out how to establish a WebSocket connection and exchange messages, what kind of data can be sent over WebSockets, what types of extensions and subprotocols you can use to augment WebSocket

Chapter 3: The WebSocket API – provides details about the constituent components of the WebSocket API — its events, methods, and properties, alongside usage examples for each of them.

Chapter 4: Building a Web App with WebSockets – provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on building a realtime web app with WebSockets and Node.js – an interactive cursor position-sharing demo.

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