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Introducing the .NET 6 runtime for AWS Lambda

You can now use the .NET 6 runtime to build AWS Lambda functions. The new managed runtime supports both x86 and Arm/Graviton2 processors. You can get started with .NET 6 and Lambda using your tool of choice, including Visual Studio 2022 with the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, the .NET CLI with the Amazon.Lambda.Tools globalContinue reading “Introducing the .NET 6 runtime for AWS Lambda”


MuZero’s first step from research into the real world

Collaborating with YouTube to optimise video compression in the open source VP9 codec. In 2016, we introduced AlphaGo, the first artificial intelligence program to defeat humans at the ancient game of Go. Its successors, AlphaZero and then MuZero, each represented a significant step forward in the pursuit of general-purpose algorithms, mastering a greater number ofContinue reading “MuZero’s first step from research into the real world”