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Amp: The live radio app from Amazon

Amp is launching in limited-access U.S. beta for iOS. Learn how it will enable creators to DJ their own shows for free, with tens of millions of licensed songs. Amazon just released the limited-access beta version of Amp, a new app that will give you a way to DJ your own live radio shows. CreatorsContinue reading “Amp: The live radio app from Amazon”

Introducing the .NET 6 runtime for AWS Lambda

You can now use the .NET 6 runtime to build AWS Lambda functions. The new managed runtime supports both x86 and Arm/Graviton2 processors. You can get started with .NET 6 and Lambda using your tool of choice, including Visual Studio 2022 with the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, the .NET CLI with the Amazon.Lambda.Tools globalContinue reading “Introducing the .NET 6 runtime for AWS Lambda”