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Art Bits from HyperCard

Long-time Macintosh users likely remember HyperCard, Apple’s strange hypermedia system that was sorta like a cross between index cards, web pages, and 90s interactive edutainment software. HyperCard left a pretty big legacy for the Web to come, influencing everything from JavaScript to wikis to the pointing finger thing for links on pages to fuckin’ Myst.Continue reading “Art Bits from HyperCard”


Bruegel the Elder’s Big Fish Eat Little Fish (1556)

Pieter Bruegel’s Big Fish Eat Little Fish depicts a surreal, cannibalistic feeding frenzy on the waterfront: an unfortunate turn of events for a father-son fishing trip. A fearsomely large fish has been heaved upon the beach. From its gaping mouth, as well as a gash being carved in its midsection, spill forth two torrents ofContinue reading “Bruegel the Elder’s Big Fish Eat Little Fish (1556)”