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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s cloud debut comes with upsides for devs

Microsoft is announcing the debut of Asobo Studios’ Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming–an announcement that wouldn’t normally catch our eye but for one additional fact. In addition to launching the game on its subscription platform, Microsoft is debuting a series of new APIs for game developers working on gamesContinue reading “Microsoft Flight Simulator’s cloud debut comes with upsides for devs”

My Billionaire Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim

You’re caught after a desperate attempt to steal some cash and find yourself sentenced to… being a beautiful billionaire’s personal butler? Synopsis Homeless and alone, after a series of unfortunate events that have pretty much been the trajectory of your life, it’s finally time for you to find your own. Except, yet another tragedy promptlyContinue reading “My Billionaire Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim”

My Mafia Girlfriend: Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim

You are… the heir to a mafia group?!Get to know three girls as you delve deep into the conflicts of the mafia! Story:You play as the protagonist, a young man who attends high school in the city.From the outside, you appear to be an average high school student. However, you have one big secret…You areContinue reading “My Mafia Girlfriend: Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim”

My Ninja Girlfriend : Sexy Moe Anime Dating Sim

You can play this game until the end for free!Choose your responses to see new scenes and grow closer to the characters.Enjoy an interactive romance visual novel in which your life is turned upside down when three modern-day ninjas devote themselves to you… Download on Google Play

Police Girls on the Case

Policing may run in your blood, but that heritage only makes the badge feel heavier. When an explosion rocks a park outside the station, this could be the chance to finally prove your worth. With a reputation for being a rogues gallery, Unit 304 is about to be tested with the arrival of a newContinue reading “Police Girls on the Case”

Play Girls Manor Game App

So let’s start – it’s your manor – you are going need statues, a dance floor, music, a pool, VIP room, entertainment, guests. Earn money by completing tasks and unlock new amazing areas of the house and as you do more guests will enter the manor to have fun with you. Upgrade every room, everyContinue reading “Play Girls Manor Game App”

Girl’s League Mobile Game App

This is a dating simulator. About the life of girls league. There you can date girls and flirt with them. They are very different so you must try various strategies to win over their attention. Only in this game, you can help girls to train and they will thank you so hot that you willContinue reading “Girl’s League Mobile Game App”