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My guiding principles after 20 years of programming

I’ve been programming since 1999 and this year I’ve officially coded for 20+ years. I started with Basic but soon jumped into Pascal and C and then learned object oriented programming (OOP) with Delphi and C++. In 2006 I started with Java and in 2011 I started with JavaScript. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses from robotics, fin tech, med tech to media and telecom. Sometimes I had a different hat as a researcher, CTO, TPM (technical product manager), teacher, system architect or TL (technical leader) but I’ve always been coding. I’ve worked on some products that served millions of people, and some that failed before being released. I worked as a consultant and I even had my own startup. I have spent lots of time on open source projects, closed source projects and internally open source projects (proprietary code that is developed by a community inside the company). I’ve worked with tiny microcontrollers all the way to mobile and desktop apps to cloud servers and lately serverless.

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