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My guiding principles after 20 years of programming

I’ve been programming since 1999 and this year I’ve officially coded for 20+ years. I started with Basic but soon jumped into Pascal and C and then learned object oriented programming (OOP) with Delphi and C++. In 2006 I started with Java and in 2011 I started with JavaScript. I’ve worked with a wide rangeContinue reading “My guiding principles after 20 years of programming”


Contributing to Complex Projects

As a frequent open source maintainer and contributor, I’m often asked: where do you start? How do you approach a new project with the goal of making meaningful changes? How can you possibly understand the internals of a complex project? These questions apply to any software project regardless of whether they are open source orContinue reading “Contributing to Complex Projects”

ThinkComposer: Create advanced Concept Maps, Mind Maps, Flowcharts, Models and Diagrams

As a professional, student or creative person, you probably work analyzing, creating and exposing entities with complex attributes, relationships and dependencies; struggling to make effective solutions on time, needing to explain and convince an audience; and facing diverse perspectives on different problems. With ThinkComposer you can apply the power of comprehensive visual documents to getContinue reading “ThinkComposer: Create advanced Concept Maps, Mind Maps, Flowcharts, Models and Diagrams”