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Are Legendary Music Catalogues Really Worth the Money?

$550 million. That’s the reported amount of money the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, commanded when he sold his recorded work and songwriting rights — or, to put it simply, the rights to his entire body of music — in a blockbuster deal last year. The sale was the largest ever for a musician’s catalogue, andContinue reading “Are Legendary Music Catalogues Really Worth the Money?”

Amp: The live radio app from Amazon

Amp is launching in limited-access U.S. beta for iOS. Learn how it will enable creators to DJ their own shows for free, with tens of millions of licensed songs. Amazon just released the limited-access beta version of Amp, a new app that will give you a way to DJ your own live radio shows. CreatorsContinue reading “Amp: The live radio app from Amazon”

Incident Report: Spotify Outage on March 8

The Spotify backend consists of multiple microservices that communicate with each other. For microservices to be able to find each other, we utilize multiple service discovery technologies. Most of our services are using a DNS based service discovery system; however, some of our services use an xDS based traffic control plane and discovery system calledContinue reading “Incident Report: Spotify Outage on March 8”