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Accessible hamburger buttons without JavaScript

Burger buttons have become the de facto standard for expanding larger menus on smaller devices over the last few decades. They are so common that every user recognizes them when they appear in the top left or right corner, making them an excellent user interface element choice. They are also very simple to implement inContinue reading “Accessible hamburger buttons without JavaScript”

New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4

With over 70 additions to WebKit, Safari 15.4 is packed with new web technologies, updates, and fixes. We’ve assembled a huge release as part of our commitment to web developers, and the people who use the web. This is the first big WebKit release of 2022, and we’re just getting started. Safari 15.4 is availableContinue reading “New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4”

MarkdownSite: Create a website from a git repo in one click

MarkdownSite is a platform for hosting websites. People who want their websites hosted enter a git url for their repository. MarkdownSite downloads their repo and turns anything in public/ into a static website hosted at a random subdomain. Anything MarkdownSite finds in site/ that is an .md file will be rendered as HTML. Once MarkdownSiteContinue reading “MarkdownSite: Create a website from a git repo in one click”