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Microservices: Why Are We Doing This?

I’ve written something like this before on my old (defunct) blog before, but new thoughts and realizations required that I revisit it. The topic? Microservices. The trend to build every single application as a series of tiny web services that talk to each other is growing in prominence, and starting to be picked up by aContinue reading “Microservices: Why Are We Doing This?”

New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4

With over 70 additions to WebKit, Safari 15.4 is packed with new web technologies, updates, and fixes. We’ve assembled a huge release as part of our commitment to web developers, and the people who use the web. This is the first big WebKit release of 2022, and we’re just getting started. Safari 15.4 is availableContinue reading “New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4”

How to design better APIs

15 language-agnostic, actionable tips on REST API design. APIs are awesome, but they’re also extremely hard to design. When creating an API from scratch, you need to get many details right. From basic security considerations to using the right HTTP methods, implementing authentication, deciding which requests and responses you should accept and return, … theContinue reading “How to design better APIs”